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Aloe First

The light mist of Aloe First, moisturizing* and soothing, with a balanced pH provides immediate comforting hydration*. It calms irritations and small superficial lesions. It contributes daily to the comfort of sensitive and sensitized skin.

Moisturizing: its stabilized Aloe Vera gel base and its neutral pH are perfectly suited to hydrating* sensitive skin, even that of children. Aloe First mist can also be used as a soothing hair care product. It strengthens the protection ofhair and scalp.

Soothing and softening : calms sensitive or sensitized skin, specially recommended to reduce feelings of discomfort linked to prolonged exposure to the sun, wind or cold. Soothes the skin after waxing.

Repairer: its multi-plant complex, enriched with propolis and Allantoin, contributes to optimal repair of irritated and superficially damaged skin.

Protective : protects the skin and hair from dehydration, provides a first line of defense against minor skin irritations.

Focus Actives

Natural stabilized Aloe Vera gel(Aloe Barbadensis): also called Desert Lily, known for its moisturizing properties and its power to accelerate tissue repair. It promotes the production of collagen and contributes to the reorganization of epidermal cells.

Propolis: this resinous substance is collected by worker bees from the buds of certain trees (willow, birch, poplar, plum, etc.) and harvested by beekeepers. Propolis has been used since ancient times for its antibacterial, immunostimulating and healing properties. It softens the skin and helps strengthen natural defenses.

Allantoin : protects the skin and calms feelings of irritation and discomfort.

11 valuable plant extracts : they have been carefully selected for their beneficial, restorative, soothing properties (marigold, yarrow, thyme, chamomile, lion's tooth, eucalyptus, passion flower, sage, ginger, borage and sandalwood).

*Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

  • 80.3% aloe gel

Ref. 40 / 31.25 € including tax per unit

Usage tips :


Synergy :


Allows you to emulsify all creams, especially creamPropolis (ref 51). Mixing a dab of cream and a little Aloe First (Ref.40) in the palm of your hand before applying increases the fluidity and effectiveness of the cream.


You can also spray First on the part of the body to hydrate or comfort, and immediately apply any other treatment (Thermogenic, Propolis, Jelly, Aloe Emulsion, Sunscreen, day or night cream). Avoid contact with eyes.



Comfort :


The First will soothe the sensations of itching, irritation or burning, and will be particularly appreciated in the event of sunburn. It is advisable to repeat the sprays every hour, or more if necessary, until calming down.


Heavy legs :

Spray First on the legs, massaging them from bottom to top very regularly during the day. For even fresher results, keep the First in the fridge! Venous circulation will be activated thanks to the active ingredients of Aloe!


Hair :

Aloe First will bring comfort and soothing. Thanks to the active ingredients of Aloe, it will gently hydrate, regulate and regenerate the scalp. You can use it on damp or dry hair, as often as necessary. You will appreciate the First on the scalp, in case of itching or flaking.

Avoid using First before applying color because the Aloe will play its protective and barrier role (which would not fully optimize the color...).


As an aftershave:

Freshly shaved skin is extremely sensitive and therefore needs to be protected and hydrated. Apply Aloe First to the skin after shaving so that the aloe vera penetrates well into the pores and to avoid any irritation.

Nose, throat and ears:

At the first symptoms of a cold or sore throat, spray once in the throat and/or each nostril. Tingling at the start but no effect on arrival! The same goes for the ears, one spray in each ear and they will be cleaned and protected from all impurities.

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