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Infinite Repair Cream

Anti-aging care range

The Infinite range was created for all women aged 30 and over, the age at which the first signs of skin aging appear. Appropriate advice should be provided depending on the age and stage of maturity of the skin.

There Restorative cream, with a light and creamy texture, will delight your skin. Rich in Aloe vera, plant extracts, Jojoba oil and vitamin B3, this cream has a dual moisturizing and restorative action.


The Repair Cream is a concentrate of anti-aging active ingredients associated with Aloe vera. Its creamy, melting texture intensely nourishes the skin, while having a restorative effect.


The complex of essential oils (lavender, petitgrain, basil, eucalyptus, lemon zest, orange) used restores elasticity to the skin and contributes to its regeneration. Visibly plumped and regenerated, the skin regains new youth.


The four products in this range act in synergy to allow you to regain a radiant, youthful face.


  • 38% Aloe vera gel Vitamin B3 Essential oils


Ref. 558 / 70.02 € including tax per unit

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