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Thermogenic Emulsion

The Thermogenic Emulsion provides a gentle sensation of relaxing and soothing warmth. It facilitates the modeling and elimination of muscular tension, calms sensitized areas after exercise or after a long day. Its moisturizing* and nourishing formula leaves the skin soft and supple and is suitable for adults and children.

Active focuses

36% natural aloe gel : hydrates* quickly and deeply the superficial layers of the skin. Its richness in vitamins and minerals contributes to skin regeneration and renewal of the epidermis. Polysaccharides strengthen the skin barrier and give it softness and suppleness.

Methyl salicylate: is a compound naturally present in certain plants (birch bark, wintergreen leaves). Known for its analgesic properties, it soothes, calms and relaxes. It provides a gentle sensation of warmth ideal for relieving muscle tension or joint pain.

Apricot, sesame and jojoba oils : these three oils are best known for their regenerating and softening properties of the epidermis. Very penetrating, they contribute to the nutrition of the skin. Rich in vitamin E, sesamolin and lecithin, they also provide antioxidant properties.

* Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis

  • 35.9% aloe gel.

Ref. 64 / 22.78 € incl. VAT per unit

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