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Aloe dental gel

forever bright toothgel aloe_edited.jpg

Forever Bright Toothgel revives tooth enamel, soothes the oral mucosa and irritated gums. Free from abrasive agents, fluoride and menthol, it can be used by the whole family to clean and sanitize teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. Its light chlorophyll scent helps keep your breath fresh.

Refreshing, it keeps your mouth fresh without feeling irritated.

Sanitizing, it purifies without attacking, protects the gums and relieves minor mouth aches.

Active focuses

35.5% stabilized Aloe Vera gel : moisturizing and protective, it strengthens the oral mucosa and gums. It also revives tooth enamel.

Propolis : natural substance collected by bees, Propolis combines antiseptic, antioxidant and purifying properties, it contributes to the protection of gums and teeth, particularly against bacterial attacks.

  • 35.5% aloe gel.
  • Fluoride and menthol free

Ref. 28 / 12 € including tax per 130g tube

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