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Marine Collagen


Collagen is a protein found inskin, THE tendons, THEcartilageAnd THEligaments. It allows good preservation of the joints and contributes to the maintenance ofelasticity, of theresistance, cohesion andregeneration skin. Collagen is made up of amino acids and represents 30 to 35% of the total proteins in our body.

However, this protein is synthesized throughout our lives but its synthesis decreases over the years. The body's production of collagen begins to decline after the age of 25. So after 40 years,we lose up to 1% of collagen each year.

It is therefore natural that your skin becomes looser as we age, our hair becomes thinner and thinner, our nails are more brittle and more fragile, our cartilage deteriorates. Our lifestyle habits, such as overexposure to the sun, tobacco or alcohol consumption amplify this phenomenon.

Forever Marine Collagen is the solution that provides your body with 3000 mg of marine collagen, anti-oxidants, black pepper extract, vitamin A and C, biotin and zinc. A cocktail of essential nutrients for the beauty of your skin, hair and nails.

  •  The anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C, E and zinc are very effective nutrients to protect cells from the action of free radicals, responsible for skin aging among other things, and contribute to the normal formation of collagen.

  • ThereVitamin Acontributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

  • THE zinc allows normal protein synthesis.

  • There biotin contributes to the normal beauty and health of hair and nails.

Good to know :

  • Collagen from cod, pollock, haddock

  • Sustainable fishing, no farming.

  • Does not contain crustacean, shark or shellfish collagen.

  • Portable product, to take and use wherever you are.

  • Tangy fruity taste.

Ref. 613 / 85.28 € including tax, box of 30 individual sachets of 15 ml

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